Claude VIALLAT (1936)

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Claude VIALLAT (1936)
Untitled. Acrylic on printed fabric. 140 x 122 cm. A certificate of authenticity of the artist will be given to the buyer. Claude Viallat is an artist from Nîmes and one of the founding members of the support/surface movement created in 1969 alongside Bioulès, Dezeuze and Pincemin. This furtive artistic grouping split up after three years of research, which was nevertheless enough to rethink pictorial expression in a lasting way, to the point where it is sometimes considered the last French avant-garde movement. Claude Viallat and his colleagues rethink the relationship between the canvas and its frame, going as far as the total liberation of one or the other of these two elements. The work is found deliberately deprived of subject and subjective analyses which are traditionally associated with it (references, iconography, aestheticism). The painting then exists only in its purest materiality, by itself and for itself. Viallat continues to question traditional materials by using recycled materials, tarpaulins, ropes, parasols. Here the artist chooses a rectangle of fabric as a support on which he scatters his emblematic motif of colored imprint that we find throughout his career. This work thus takes up the characteristic elements of the artist but also distinguishes itself from the rest of his production by a partial return to figuration by the choice of the very pop background taking up comic book vignettes which is not without reminding us of artists such as Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Wharol. In 2014 a similar copy was exhibited during the Viallat retrospective at the Fabre Museum.
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