Alix AYMÉ (1894-1989) Two young girls. Watercolor... - Lot 10 - Maison de ventes Good

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Alix AYMÉ (1894-1989) Two young girls. Watercolor... - Lot 10 - Maison de ventes Good
Alix AYMÉ (1894-1989) Two young girls. Watercolor and ink on silk mounted on cardboard. 33 x 28 cm. A certificate of the Association of the Friends of Alix Aymé dated May 10, 2022 will be delivered to the future buyer. Painter born in 1894, trained in France with Georges Desvallières and Maurice Denis, having lived for many years in Vietnam, Alix Aymé produced a singular work linking Western and Eastern traditions. This portrait of two young girls is an exceptional example. Two young girls, sitting side by side, pose calmly. They are each wearing the Ao thu than, a traditional Vietnamese garment made up of four panels, under which one can see a Yem, a white camisole. The pale green and azure blue of the fabrics subtly play against the copper background, in such a way as to emphasize the restrained expression of the faces, of a rich interiority. The work fully demonstrates the talent of Alix Aymé as a portraitist, who by her attention to detail transcribes the slightest inclination of head or glint in the eye. The result is a silky complicity that nothing seems able to shake. If Alix Aymé is known for having contributed, alongside Joseph Inguimberty, to the revival of Vietnamese lacquerware, she has also taken an interest in other Asian pictorial traditions. Our portrait is a perfect example of her mastery of watercolor on silk, which allows the artist to deploy a delicate play of transparencies, shadows and lights, enhanced by the natural movement of silk fibers. Sensitive and poetic work of an artist whose recognition is relatively recent, this double luminous portrait moves by its aesthetic qualities and its great finesse.
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